Definition of an RCO

Existing:  An existing RCO is an established 501 c 3, led and governed by the recovery community. The focus is on substance use and other behavioral health disorders and fulfilling the Florida RCO standards. These standards include:  grassroots, participatory process, non-clinical services, all pathways of recovery, and use of recovery-friendly language. These organizations will organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities; carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs; and/or provide peer-based recovery support services to the community.

Emerging:  An emerging RCO will have a founding board, by-laws, Articles of Incorporation, and has started non-profit application, has non-profit status, or is affiliated with an existing nonprofit while still having Board autonomy.

Early Interest:  Defined as a person or organization with an interest in developing an RCO, but without a Board or an existing organization with a Board that may not meet the suggested RCO criteria.