John L. Hulick

John Hulick currently leads the opioid response strategies for the County of Palm Beach, Florida which has been considered the epicenter of the State’s opioid epidemic. He is also responsible for policy and service planning, as well as the coordination and delivery of, addiction recovery, treatment and prevention services in the County.

John has been described as “a fierce advocate and service provider to those with addictions and is widely recognized in the behavioral health community for his leadership.” He is considered a leading expert on addiction policy and has trained community leaders throughout the country to equip them with essential skills to address this devastating social problem.

Prior to locating to Florida, John served as Managing Partner of New Jersey-based In Depth Solutions, LLC where he dedicated his work and human services expertise to assisting private and public sector corporations in New Jersey and nationally achieve their desired strategic growth and public policy aims.

John served as Governor Christopher J. Christie’s Policy Advisor for Human Services, Children and Families and was nominated by him, and confirmed by the New Jersey Senate, to also serve as Executive Director, Governor’s Council in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. There he helped to re-tool drug courts as well as led efforts to combat the state’s heroin epidemic and plan addiction services.

John directed NCADD – New Jersey’s public affairs and legislative initiatives for sixteen years where he led the fight to protect consumers of addiction treatment through enactment of the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Licensing and Certification Act. He has had numerous other laws successfully enacted to expand New Jersey’s prevention, treatment, and recovery services and played a lead role in establishing the state’s first recovery community organization, recovery walk and numerous public awareness campaigns.

John is the founding executive director of Signs of Sobriety, Inc. (SOS) a nationally recognized agency that provides addiction services for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. He is the architect of landmark disabilities access law that created dedicated funding to establish an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Disabled.

John is in recovery from alcoholism for more than 32 years. He has the unique ability to marry his addiction policy and service expertise with very personal experiences. He has been informed the most by navigating the care of his daughter’s early onset mental illness, heroin addiction, and subsequent traumatic brain injury from a violent assault that left her comatose and on the brink of death in 2017.

These experiences continue to fuel John’s passion to ensure consumer protections and his desire to assist families in similar circumstances. They have also focused John on developing quality and continuum of care initiatives that deliver improved outcomes and keep the client’s health and well-being at the center of the care they receive.