Pam Birtolo

Pam Birtolo has always been a pioneer. Flourishing in the world of ideas, Pam finds greatest reward by moving from brilliant idea to working reality. When there are no guidebooks or maps, it takes a visionary pioneer who is unafraid of risk to venture into an uncharted world. Pam’s career signposts have always included risk: teacher, manager, director, chief officer, and founder. She has been a strategic activator who leads and connects with others. Her strength has remained envisioning and executing game changing transformations.

Pam’s greatest achievement has been the development of a remarkable staff. She has always shared her expertise on a national level through speaking engagements at educational conferences, workshops and seminars, consultative assistance, and service on several boards.

A career highlight of her working drive was providing management and marketing services for a resort isolated on a Belizean atoll. It was a job she believes shaped her significantly. In Pam’s own words … “You were never off; you were always on. We were stranded on a piece of sand about 12 acres in size, 57 miles out to sea off the coast of Belize City,. You had to figure out how to take care of customers 24/7, and you learned to innovate on the fly.”

Learn. Listen. Lead. Fly. That’s Pam.