RCO Readiness Tool: Provided by Floridians for Recovery

“Passion only goes so far.”

Susan N


What is your community’s population?
What agencies/organizations are currently in support of an RCO?
How are they supportive? (Volunteering time, Financial, etc.)
Who is currently doing RCO work? (Peer support, education/training, advocating)
What does that work look like?
Are you anticipating a mobile RCO or a brick and mortar? What is the location of work being


How many peers are trained in your area?
How many volunteers do you anticipate needing?
Who are your “recovery champions?”
Do you have law enforcement support? (Officers: county or city, jail, probation officers, etc.)
Do you have judicial support? (Judges, drug court, state attorney, juvenile court, etc.)
Who is your faith based and church organization in support of recovery?


What type of needs does your community have and how are you planning to meet them?
Who will write your articles of incorporation, your bylaws, your policy manuals, your board
Will this be pro-bono work or will you contract it?
Who is going to file for your EIN and 501[c][3] and Dept. of Ag form? Is that pro-bono work or
will you contract it?
How are you going to move from founding to governing board?
Who will do your messaging training, board training etc.?
How will you provide services that do not already exist?


Who will compromise your board?
Who will be in the leadership position (ED, CEO, director)?
How will you pay this person?
Who will train your peers/volunteers?
Will you offer paid positions for peers? How will you pay them?
Do you have any start-up capital?
How will you pay for D & O and liability insurance?
How will you pay for memberships and/or accreditation?
Who will be writing your grants?
With which agencies, organizations and governments can you collaborate for funding?
What are your marketing and PR plans both online and offline?