Cultivation of Recovery Champions

Cultivation of Recovery Champions involves identifying individuals in the community that support individuals in recovery and want to devote efforts to strengthening the recovery community. Typically, these individuals are people in recovery, family members of people with a substance use disorder, or their friends. Champions can also be professionals like law enforcement, physicians, or judges who understand the power of supporting recovery.

Listening Session

The Listening Session helps those interested in supporting recovery, learn about RCO’s and meet other champions in their community.

Symposium Planning

Symposium planning involves a series of community meetings where the community comes together to get to know each other, learn to work together, and ensure that everyone that wants to be at the table is included. This planning culminates with a Recovery Symposium.

Community Symposium

The Community Symposium provides a venue for community discussion on its assets and opportunities for growth in developing supports for recovery. The communities typically develop their vision and mission from the information gathered at the Symposium. After this important step, the community moves to RCO Visioning and Organization Development.

RCO Visioning and Organization Development

It is during this time that the community builds the RCO structure including its mission, Board of Directors, Organization Bylaws, files papers as required by state and local regulations and other. Throughout the whole process, the project provides technical assistance and supports.