Upcoming Training “Community Addiction & Recovery Education (CARE)”

Community Addiction & Recovery Education (CARE)

Do you work with individuals with Substance Disorder and wish you had more knowledge? Addiction is a
complicated disease to understand and we know it takes a toll on families, communities and human service
workers. This course will provide essential foundational information for passionate individuals working in the
human service field such as Law Enforcement, EMS, Social Workers, Family Court workers, Human Resource,
Nurses, Physicians and family members and loved ones. In these four- 4-hour sessions, you will learn how you
can positively influence outcomes with this foundational understanding of Substance Use Disorder and the
grueling journey of recovery.

Part 1 – Understanding Behaviors of Addiction – May 14

• Gain a fundamental understanding of the brain
science of addiction – in a language, you can
• Understand the common behaviors of addiction
• Define Recovery
• Understand relapse, slip, and return to use

Part 2 – The history of Biases in addiction – June 4

• Learn how implicit biases and the words that are
spoken cause life-threatening results
• Challenge your belief system
• Understand Stigma and how Addiction came to
have such a stigma
• Introduction to Trauma

Part 3 – Pathways of Recovery & Recovery Capital – June 25

• Learn the stages of change and the stages of
• Understand the term Recovery Capital
• Understand the term ‘Pathways of Recovery’
• Learn Harm Reduction ideology and Moderation
versus abstinence
• Learn the role of a recovery coach and role clarity

Part 4 – Motivational Interviewing Foundations – July 16

• Learn obstacles and barriers of recovery in real life
• Learn the skill of Active Listening
• Learn the benefits of Reflective Listening
• Learn the basics skills of Motivational Conversation
– O.A.R.S.

One of the most realistic and applicable trainings I’ve ever attended. Carol, FL
All family court workers need this training. Ralph, NH
Thank you for this information. It will impact the work I do. Steve, HI

This training has been delivered to the Florida GAL Association, Concord, NH Fire Department,
Aroostook County Law Enforcement and EMS, East Boston Community Health.
Approved for 16 CLEs by NH GAL Board. Seeking approval from NASW.
NAADAC Approved Provider – pre approval in 24 states, plus NH and Maryland.
All sessions run on Fridays from 9am to 1 pm. To Register, click the button below:

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